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Hyaluronic acid

The hyaluronic acid is the major component of the hyaline cartilage. In order to regenerate and function properly, the cartilage requires a constant supplementation of the hyaluronic acid which allows it to maintain the  lubricity and prevents its desiccation.


Another basic yet essential component of the cartilage mass, as well as the ‘liquid magnet” is a chondroitin proteoglycan which allows the elasticity of tissues.

The complex of Hyaluronic acid and chondroitin

The new hyaluronic acid and chondroitin formula – the active force improving the functioning of your joint.


Joints are movable connections of bones so that we can move freely. The condition of the joints is influenced by many factors. Nutrition plays a very important role in ensuring the proper functioning of the joints. A properly selected diet not only supports their proper functioning but also reduces arthritis pain and accelerates the regeneration period.

When planning a proper diet you should pay attention to a number of nutritional recommendations. Dieticians point to the risk of many diseases, following a diet rich in fatty acids and cholesterol. Enriching the diet with a sufficient amount of nutrients that contain mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids causes a reduction in LDL cholesterol in the blood and improves cardiovascular health. A properly balanced diet, which contains a rich array of healthy products, is definitely more beneficial for our body than a diet based on just a few nutrients.

In order to take care of healthy joints, one should choose foods that contain ingredients rich substances regenerating the cartilage and synovial fluid. A diet designed for healthy joints should include:


Protein is invaluable support for proper functioning of joints. This is a necessary ingredient for building new tissues and muscle structures. High-quality protein is a constituent of synovial fluid.

The human body produces protein on its own, however, it is necessary to include protein-rich ingredients in the diet. Our diet should primarily contain wholesome protein, so mainly originating from animals. We should therefore provide our body with dense dairy products – cottage cheese, kefir, milk. Milk products are also rich in calcium, which together with phosphorus builds bone structure. Ingredients rich in whole-grain protein are also fish and meat such as veal, poultry, rabbit meat. Choose lean meat that does not contain large amounts of unfavorable fat.