Knowledge about diseases associated with joints


Arthritis – gout

This concept is also called gout or arthritis. It is a chronic disease associated with disorders of uric acid metabolism and its excessive blood concentration. It is usually caused by an excessive production of this compound or its insufficient elimination from the…



Chronic inflammation – means that it will remain permanent and cannot be cured but can be treated. The reasons are numerous and often very different. Generally speaking, we are talking about the symptoms of wear of joints.


Tests recommended in rheumatic diseases

Joint pain, swelling, redness and stiffness are symptoms that may indicate the presence of rheumatic ailments. Disease recognition requires a professional diagnosis. We encourage you to get to know the scope of the tests that are recommended at various stages


Chondromalacia Patella

Chondromalacia of the patella is a condition based on the softening of articular cartilage, leading to its destruction. As a result of these changes, the cartilage loses its properties, it ceases to be tough and resilient, it becomes


Arthrosis of the glenohumeral and scapular joint

Osteoarthritis of the glenohumeral and scapular joint, like other osteoarthritis is a progressive and irreversible process, in the course of which joint surfaces and surrounding soft tissues are damaged.


Hip joint dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a congenital or developmental (acquired in the neonatal period or infancy) deformation or misalignment of the hip joint. This term refers to the defects of all elements forming the hip joint, both the bone components,


How to choose a good preparation for the joints?

A large number of readily available products for the joints do not help us make the right decision. If you really care for reducing pain and improving joint health, you need to be aware of the differences occurring between supplements.



Osteoarthritis (arthrosis deformans, osteoarthrosis), also known as degenerative -productive changes in the joints is a syndrome which involves the premature wear and degeneration of the tissues forming the joint.



Osteoporosis is a progressive skeletal disorder, characterized by the low bone mass and the disturbed microarchitecture of the bone tissue, resulting in a significant reduction…


Rheumatoid inflammatory disease

RA, or rheumatoid arthritis ( arthrits rheumatica) , formerly called the chronic evolutive polyarthritis is a rheumatic, diffuse disease of the connective tissue of the autoimmune background.